The Horse Wash

Medium: OIls on Canvas

Original Size: 60cm x 75cm

Often office workers needing a break spent their lunch breaks watching Hull Brewery horses and others being washed in the chocolate coloured water of the Humber.The bond between the horses and their handlers was palpable.

My Great Uncle Jack shoed thousands of horses from his Smithy at 17 Sewer Lane.

Jack, at 14, started indentures at 3 shillings a week to be a blacksmith.He was a journey man at 21 with a wage of 36 shillings a week.He worked in Finkle Street and his Master was Mr. Proctor.

He remembered one local firm had a horse show once a year in Market Square.

Jack was the last Master Farrier and Cartwright in Old Town.He was self taught and gave me a huge red book of engravings that began my interest in Art.

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