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It's called 'Provence, The Colour Purple', posted on 30-09-2019

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Provence, The Colour Purple

My new Exhibition, Provence, The Colour Purple is a personal response to the fabulous sights, colours and heat of Provence!

It also is perhaps a reaction to the four years of work spent exploring my family's history in Hull's Old Town, this being part of the City of Culture Year 2017.

The northern light I painted, for me, meant mute colours and a palette that was North European.

This new Exhibition has felt like a liberation as an artist with new themes, palette and techniques.

It has meant I have had to be open to new approaches.

The southern light of Provence with its mountains, towns, villages, etc has introduced palette knives, sponges and many other materials besides my usual choice of brushes.

The theme has led to an emphasis on pattern, colour and texture plus juxtapositioning shapes whilst creating compositions