Heart of the Community - Holy Trinity, Hull

Medium: Oils on Canvas

Original Size: 80cm x 100cm

Holy Trinity Church has always been a presence in my family's journey through the Old Town.My parents were married here and I was christened at the font, besides attending the Church Youth Club.

When I put together my Solo Exhibition 'A Family's Journey through Hull's Old Town', I wanted to also celebrate, in oil paint, Holy Trinity's journey too.This new painting is part of that theme.The composition and palette evoke what I think would have been the scene in the 1900s.

The ordinary people in the painting would have been familiar with the church as part of their religious lives, their community through historical events, seasons and personally in the seasons of their own lives.The feel and atmosphere of the church has remained unchanged through the decades until its recent transformation into Hull Minster.The church's beauty and grace has been made accessible to us all in a completely new light

Price: £800

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