Getting Ready for Market, Holy Trinity

Medium: Oils on Canvas

Original Size: 75 cm x 60 cm

This is an early morning scene with chimney sweeps returning from a job and dogs eying each other behind fruit boxes! Stalls sold shirts, skirts and blouses alongside rolls of cloth, penny magazines and knick knacks.Handcarts were common and my Great Aunt Grace ran 'Paling handcarts' for deliverers.The firm is mentioned in Kelly's Hull Street Directory for 1916.She lived at 16 Fish Street over the top of the business.

Her husband Jack remembered as a boy carrying sweetened tea at a penny a go to old and infirm folk in the alleyways off the Shambles and Charterhouses around Holy Trinity.He also remembered burly Policemen chasing boys in the alleys who gambled for half pennies. He said the policemen were big and hefty but couldn't spell their names!!

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