A Good Gossip!

Medium: Oils on Canvas

Original Size: 41 cm x 31 cm

The smell of fat and vinegar used to hang in the air when you trotted past Carver's in Trinity Square. As a child I was taken there from Model Dwellings in Midland Street every Saturday afternoon. My Gran (Always on for a bargain) used to visit a shop/warehouse used by Clifford Dunn. He was rather dapper and wore the traditional grocer's tan apron unlike his shop where everything seemed to be in cardboard boxes and was untidy.

A tall, stout woman was often there in a blue coat and short fur boots. She often held fort with her friends who usually just listened. They would be lugging heavy shopping bags!!

Later on my Aunt Grace got me a Saturday job in the indoor market selling cotton thread for the Haberdashery Store. Giving out the change in old money was not a strength of mine! Consequently pocket money was scarce.

The Market retailers had names like Lucy Locking and Jack Jackson. I recognised Lucy Locking in a Flashback photograph and sent in her name as they were asking who she was. I never got a reply.

Lastly, the wind was always biting and I was always dodging puddles. Often rainwater seeped through your thin soles. People always seemed to be huddled against the cold.

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