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Here are examples of paintings which have been sold but may inspire you to commission me for something similar or completely new!

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Archives Gallery


Stubbs, Street Musician, Market Place, Hull

The Lighthouse, Spurn Point, East Yorkshire

Getting Ready for Market, Holy Trinity

The Pier and Ferry from Sammy's Point

Idle Reflections, Princes Quay

Getting a Bargain and taking it Home

A Good Gossip!

Two Warehouses on the River Hull

The River Hull- Congestion!

The Grampian Quest - Side Winder Trawler

Delivering Wood on Lowgate

The View down High Street, 1900s

Home for Tea

"Will 'e give us a lift?"

Prince Street towards Holy Trinity

Fishing off Corporation Pier

Number 7 Bond Warehouse from Humber Dock

Fishing for Eels, Princes Dock

The Fruit Market, Humber Street in the 60s

Hustle and Bustle, Lowgate

The Horse Wash

The Companions

Mimi and Bella

Summer Garden in York

The Jam Maker's Garden

Alvin's Shed

A Winter's Tale

Lilly and Devon

Sea Defences, Spurn Point

Caught Netting, Spurn Point

Boats at Staithes

Annagret's Garden, Beverley

Filey Fishing Fleet

Northern Skies, Staithes Harbour

Mike jogging on the Westwood

River Traffic, Old Barges on the River Hull

Springtime in Goodmanham

Victorian Railway Bridge, Ravenscar, North Yorkshire

Victorian Railway Bridge, Cloughton, North Yorkshire

PowerPlus, Hull

Mr Lawrence Duck, Ravenscar

House and Minster, St John's Street, Beverley

Grosvenor House, Beverley Westwood

The Minster from Keldgate, Beverley

Signs of Spring, Northcliffe Wood

How about a nice cup of tea?

Summer Lights, Holy Trinity

Waiting for a Berth, Hull Docks

The West Door, Beverley Minster

Noblesse, Railway Dock, Hull

Cracked pots

The Raising of North Bridge on the River Hull